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30-th Gaurd Fighter Regiment
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Dear Readers:

We present photographs from the album of Timofey Ivanovich Karlov, kindly submitted by his granddaughter Svetlana Krasnik.

Timofey Ivanovich was a technical officer in 180 IAP (Fihter Aviatiaon Regiment). On November 22 1942 the regiment was awarded Guards title and renamed 30 GIAP (Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment).

During the war pilots of the 30 GIAP claimed 581 enemy planes. Such aces as Heroes of the Soviet Union (HSU) A.F. Semenov (19+12), S.F. Dolgushin(17+11), S.V. Makarov (10+13), A.P. Torgolyuk, M.P. Rents (20+5), I.V. Kuznetsov (15+12), and others were associated with this regiment.

Some data from the regiment’s history:

November 10, 1942 180 IAP transformed to 30 GIAP
January 7, 1943
the Guards banner awarded at special ceremony
September 3, 1943
30 GIAP awarded the Order of Red Banner
July 22, 1944
30 GIAP received honorific title “Baranovicheskiy” for active participation in the liberation of the city of Baranovivichi
May 28, 1945
the regiment is awarded the Order of Suvorov 3-rd class

Timofey Ivanovich Karlov was a career officer. He graduated from junior aviation specialists technical school in Vitebsk before the war followed by the Leningrad Higher Aviation Technical School named after K. Voroshilov, which he graduated from in 1940. His military career during the war was with 180IAP/30GIAP.

He was interested in photography and painting.

Timofey Ivanovich Karlov passed away in 1982.

of the 1-st Squadron, 1941

of the 2-nd Squadron, 1941

180 IAP staff, 1942

Rewarding, 1944

Regiment staff, 1944

Pilots of the 1-st Squadron

Brothers in arms, 1944

Concert, 1944

Regiment technicians, 1944

of the 1-st Squadron

T.I.Karlov, 1945

T.I.Karlov, 1945

T.I.Karlov, 1944

P.V.Lebedev and T.I.Karlov, 1945

P.V.Lebedev and T.I.Karlov, 1945

Macokin and T.I.Karlov

V.Kudinov and N.Krjuchkov, 1945

V.Kudinov and N.Krjuchkov, 1945

V.Kudinov and P.Bakovitch, 1945

A.Levotchkin, 1945

T.I.Karlov, 1945

N.I.Ivanov, 1945

V.J.Avramenko, 1945

D.V.Morozov, 1945

S.P.Panchenko, 1945

T.I.Karlov, 1945

M.Romashko, P.Bakovitch, I.Metelev, 1945

T.I.Karlov, 1945

A.Levotchkin, Karagin, M.Romashko, 1945

N.I.Ivanov, 1945

The aircraft maintenance, 1945

T.I.Karlov, M.P.Romashko, 1945

"Combat way of the regiment"

"The heroes of the Summer 1944 battles"

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